Tips and Tidbits for vacation

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Julia H. Founder & Owner of: Wellness Worthwhile Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Health & Fitness Writer Airports. Crowded tourist destinations. Rest stops. Crappy hotel food. Travel. There is a lot that can stop you from eating well while you vacation. Don’t let your travels turn into a diet disaster. Here are some […]

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Recipe time!

I need help with baby names. I’m not pregnant, fools, I literally just learned what fabric softener was like yesterday. I cannot take care of a miniature human yet. Also, I don’t want to buy new pants. But I do like to daydream about the names of my future offspring, so I keep a note […]

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It’s Waddling Time!

Week 1 is over!

I managed to stay about 80% clean on my diet. I normally am the one to be my worst critic and very hard on myself but trying to break old habits. Dieting has always been my weakness in this lifestyle. Be that I’m Hispanic and raised on good old home cooking and Adobo being the #1 used spice in every meal (helloooo Sodium.) So I’m happy that I stuck with it even said no to the open bars and empty calorie free drinks. I went on vacation a lot past month so the all-inclusive eating habit has been hard to break. Don’t think I lost much weight, I’m trying to still find balance in eating all my meals and balancing my macros. UGHHH frustrating…I feel like a newbie all over again.

I finally took a step into my old gym yesterday. First day back and I was shaking from anxiety and nervousness. Took a few minutes to unfreeze my account and as I waited my hands shook and my back starting to hurt. I powered through made it to the locker room and felt the need to puke. (tmi i know) I got to the weights area and started warming up. my body felt so rickety lol and I felt like I was dusting cobwebs off and firing up an old machine.

I managed to do 1/4 of my usual workout with NO weights added just my body weight. It was tough accepting that and luckily I had someone to keep me from continuing and hurting myself. I was really frustrated and sad…I felt like my body was betraying me. I had muscle soreness kicking in and my back was flaring up. I also got a really bad case of hives….a new trick that started happening post accident. Every time I sweat full on hive mode. I look very scary and splotchy and read lol. I startled myself when I looked in the mirror…hives traveled all over.

The next morning I am barely able to move my legs….last time I felt it this intensely it was when I was increasing my normal weights. I missed the feeling, sad it was caused by a measly workout but happy I am back. Time to foam roll my legs out…..please excuse me while I cry my eyes out.

“Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect.”
― Margaret Mitchell