Best thing at the airport…

So after attending the conference and standing on my poor feet for 4 days, not to mention the amount of walking I endured. I have to say it was heaven sent when I saw that the airport in San Francisco had an “Xpress Spa.” Whoever thought of this grand idea…..THANK YOU!

I had like 3 hours before my flight, and dragging around my purse stuffed with books. I needed some relief. I figured my feet deserve some love….and might as well get a mani too. It really was what I needed before about 6 hour flight home. I was relaxed enough to start reading away.

Happy Reading!



Home Sweet Home

Finally I arrived back on the East side of the States early this morning…3 AM to be exact. I am excited to start diving into the new titles I got over this trip. I have counted 20 although I think i have maybe a few left to unpack. Let’s just say my bag weighed in barely 30 lb. going to ALA and coming back it was 55 lb.. The only change was I brought books back.

It was a great experience for both my work and for my personal love of books. I got to see so many different publishers and see what’s up and coming. Also got to experience a monumental moment for our country in San Francisco and walked into my first Pride Parade.

Now I must unpack, tidy up, and start reading! Stay tuned for more reviews!

Happy Reading!

ALA Annual 2015

ahhhhhh….I am so drained from this busy weekend and still have a day left. It is even twice as crazy due to Pride Day is today as well.

ALA has been very hectic as expected. I didn’t see much booths that “WOW”d me. But of course the giveaways and ARCs were awesome! My arms are sore from carrying them each day.


I managed to grab some from:
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Next Stop… ALA 2015

Perks about my job are definitely the conferences.

I’ve always loved literature and my mother couldn’t pry me away from my books as a child. So when I heard I get togo to ALA in San Francisco this year I was beyond ecstatic. I left my carry on empty just for the new books I may find! I may need another shelf after this weekend.

I have my kindle app stocked with more new books to review and I have my my purse with a back up in case my phone dies. I’m ready!……Well maybe I should go pack first.

Happy Reading!