Review: A Dream Called Marilyn

Not anything surprising or different than what has already been written. I was a bit disappointed with this book. I am a big Marilyn Monroe fan; I’ve read various books both Biographies as well as the non-fiction ones. All of the non-fiction ones typically play off of her mental state as well as the rumors that surrounded her and her relationships with certain celebrities. This book is told by a psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Campbell, who was hired to treat Marilyn or as they stated “get her under control.”

The book starts off in the future when Charles is now an old man, a grandfather, who is out with his grandson. He spots a billboard ad that has Marilyn Monroe impersonator at a casino, and gets reminiscent of the past. He tells his grandson he knew Marilyn once and tells him how she almost ran away with him.

The story then back tracks into his memories about the day he met Marilyn, where he was hired by “a studio contact” to treat Marilyn. He is anxiously waiting for her arrival at their first appointment and when she arrives he is immediately captivated by her beauty. He acts a bit out of character and tries to dominate the conversation to get better insight of her but fails. After she abruptly leave he can’t seem to shake her off and it’s hinted he has fallen for the lovely Ms. Monroe.
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Review: Together Apart

Twists and Turns through the story! At first when I read a small description of this book, I figured it was a tad bit cliché with the whole “she has a secret and he doesn’t know” piece, but I was taken by surprise as I read. The story is told in two points of views, Sarah’s and Adam’s; it makes it easier to see the internal struggle each go through during their “complicated” phase in their relationship.

It starts out in Santorini where both characters are on holiday and it is hinted that they’ve had an amazing time with the person they love. Adam makes the decision to propose to Sarah over their last dinner there, this is where the domino effect started. Sarah rejects his proposal, much to Adam’s surprise and gives him little explanation as to why. She instead proceeds to end their relationship completely blowing Adam’s mind with her cold demeanor. Here comes the first slight twist: they currently live together and are unable to break their lease without living in poverty afterwards. So now they are forced to live together for the remaining months.

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Review: Maggie’s Turn

Captivating and insightful! This book was sure hard to put down once you started reading. Sletten did a fantastic job capturing the obstacles both Maggie and Andrew had and bringing it to life for the reader. Maggie is a character that anyone can relate to; the everyday demands of juggling a family and responsibilities can sometimes make us forget who we were at the start of it all. Having becoming distant from both her husband and two kids, leaving seemed to be the only thing she could do before she lost herself completely.

Every story has two sides, and this one does well in following both Andrew’s and Maggie’s as they slowly begin to realize their marriage wasn’t at all what they had imagined it was or thought it would be. There is a smooth transition between both of their story’s which made it much easier to become wrapped up in the book.
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