To train or not to train

So as part of kicking my butt back into shape I decided to get a trainer. I was lucky enough to find an affordable one that a friend of mine had been working with and gotten great results. Since it will be the first time in about a year of doing any physical activity I wanted to start off with 2 sessions a week to avoid injury.

I had to have someone start me off with scratch, even before I started my weightlifting journey I had some strength/endurance so when experimenting with routines I was able to do it solo. But with these injuries I want to make sure I have someone watching my form and avoiding exercises that will aggravate it. Don’t want to be injured further.

So far its been great! I am definitely out of shape lol and I hive up every time I work out. But I’ve noticed my energy levels rising. Also I’m sticking to it since another person’s schedule is involved and of course my money.

Meal Prepping has been my new best friend. found a local company that makes delicious organic and according to my macros meal that keep me in check. I haven’t lost much weight but I feel a few inches off and its only been 2 weeks! I know I have a lot of muscle swelling and tears since I am super sore every time. the Foam roller has me loving/hating stretching.

Excited to see what next two weeks bring.


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