A lemon a day keeps all these away…

In the past few years I have always tried to drink a cup of lemon water in the morning. I find that it refreshed me for a long day ahead. All the added benefits were awesome too!

According to an article from a few years back from Huffington Post, lemon water gives you so much healthy benefits. Some of which I already knew like:

  • Helps with Constipation
  • Hydration (adding some flavor to otherwise tasteless water)
  • Weight Loss

But there are more perks!

  • Strengthens the Brain
  • Cleanses your liver
  • Stop UTIs

If your like me, I am always running late in the morning….so not a morning person. So there are times where I just can’t cut,squeeze, and drain the lemon water. So I found essential lemon oil that packs the punch of so many squeeze lemons in a few drops. I usually carry the tiny bottle with me and add two drops to my juice and its as if I squeezed a big lemon in there.


What I love about the Bare Oils is that its as ‘clean’ as it can come. I’m very weary with oils….they can’t be pressed too many times, and must be able to be used both orally and topically. Multi-uses for one bottle in my head means I purchase less things to tackle a multitude of issues.


I’m so happy I found this! I’m a big supporter of convenience and this just saves me plenty of time, lemons, and space in my fridge!


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