Review: Witches Protection Program

Review time! I had already read this a few weeks ago but been so busy planning and executing my engagement party that I forgot to post this. Anyhow….

Witches Protection Program….the title itself caught my interest immediately. I love stories about magic, witches, mythical creatures, you name it. I was a bit excited to read this!

The story is about good vs bad…the good witches are called Davinas and the bad witches are called Willas. The book starts out with Wes Rockville,a rookie cop, who apparently failed at his first assignment….transporting a little old lady who he claims “disappeared.” His father if Chief at the station and is letting him have it, after all he is the only one out of his brother and sister who seems to not excel and live up to the family name. His dad reassigned him to a secret department- Witches Protection Program.

Here Wes is partnered up with Alastair and is having a hard time understanding that witches do in fact exist. There seems to be something aloof with the witches…something big is coming and they need to find out what. A powerful Willa, Bernadette Pendraon, who also happens to run a successful beauty product company, is planning on world domination. As Bernadette’s niece Morgan  is someone Alastair and Wes want to talk to and take i to protect her. The three of them along with a Davina, Junie set out to put a stop to Pendragon’s plans before it is too late.

This is a nice quick read, has a little bit of action, romance, and a little magic. I found it to be a cute story and only wished they would explain more about the Davinas and Willas. It seems to be set up to become a series since it easily hooks you into wanting to know more.

Happy Reading!




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