Chronicles of Nala & Belle: Meet Nala!

Hi Everyone! My name is Nala.
I’m a 1 yr and 6 month German Shepherd, weighing in at roughly 95 lbs.

My favorite things are:

  • Water!…Drink it.. play in it.. dunk everything in it…
  • Veggies…green bell peppers are my ultimate favorite. (My dad thinks I’m part rabbit)
  • Toys! especially the ones with the fluffy white things in them. (the longest record of toys surviving at home is one day)
  • Pillows…at night I steal my mom’s pillow for myself.
  • Playing Tug of War!….with my daddy’s socks.

I have a big sister named Belle…I think we’re the same size…anything she can do I can do too!

I do many silly things everyday and my mom thought sharing them will be funny.

O and I love cuddles!


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