Review: Solomon’s Tale

They were giving away free copies of this book and I figured why not. At first I meant to give it as a gift to a friend of mine who loves cats (the cover had a beautiful black cat.) But I decided to read it since it seemed small enough for a quick read.

This was a unique story, it is told by the point of view of Solomon, “a wise cat” who starts off by being in the spirit world and is asked to return to earth in order to help his former owner Ellen. Ellen seems to be struggling in her marriage with Joe due to tough times and his drinking. Its insinuated that he has a bad temper and has spent most of their money. Ellen tries to remain cheerful for the sake of her son John. After an odd few pages of how Solomon is reborn again, he ventures out as a kitten to find Ellen with the help of his angel.

He is roughed up a little bit by the travel and Ellen finds him outside during a storm and takes him in. She already has a cat named Jessica who Joe refers to as a “demon cat.” Jessica brings in dead rodents or birds, steals their food, and tears up mail, but Ellen never stops loving her. Solomon grows up to be a big beautiful tomcat and Jessica starts to flirt with him. After few odd paragraphs about them mating and such…Jessica has their kittens.

The angel tells Solomon that he needs to be strong as tough times are coming. A bailiff comes to their home and tell Ellen that their things need to be repossessed in order to pay off the large amount of debt Joe has. This leads to more fights and then a move to a caravan park (trailer park) where things start to get worse. Jessica is upset that they gave her kittens away so she returns to her evil ways. Joe is unemployed and drinks away most of their money. Ellen struggles to keep the family together. She then one day sums up the courage to leave him but is unable to take the cats with her. She tells Solomon to stay put and she would come back for him.

Both Solomon and Jessica venture off to be “wild cats” as they don’t want to be taken to the RSPCA. In the wild Solomon’s anger and feeling of abandonment grows and he starts ignoring his angel. After a fight with a feral cat, Jessica dies but not before telling him that he needs to go back and find Ellen.

Barely, alive Solomon finds his way back with some help, and is rescued by the neighbor she had before. They contact Ellen and is nursed back to health. Turns out that Joe went to live with his Dad and is now in rehab. Ellen is allowed to move back in the caravan with John and begins to live peacefully.

Eventually Ellen remarries and moves to her new husbands house with Solomon. Here he finds a poor kitten and slowly the family gain her trust and take her in. Solomon slowly passes with old age but he goes knowing that Ellen is OK, loved, and that he has lived a good life. In the spirit world he sees Jessica again.

It was an interesting read; had unique ways of telling a story. I’d recommend for a quick read, it’s filled with emotions, some struggles and the love of a pet to its human.

Happy Reading!


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