Review: Together Apart

Twists and Turns through the story! At first when I read a small description of this book, I figured it was a tad bit cliché with the whole “she has a secret and he doesn’t know” piece, but I was taken by surprise as I read. The story is told in two points of views, Sarah’s and Adam’s; it makes it easier to see the internal struggle each go through during their “complicated” phase in their relationship.

It starts out in Santorini where both characters are on holiday and it is hinted that they’ve had an amazing time with the person they love. Adam makes the decision to propose to Sarah over their last dinner there, this is where the domino effect started. Sarah rejects his proposal, much to Adam’s surprise and gives him little explanation as to why. She instead proceeds to end their relationship completely blowing Adam’s mind with her cold demeanor. Here comes the first slight twist: they currently live together and are unable to break their lease without living in poverty afterwards. So now they are forced to live together for the remaining months.

As Adam struggles to let his feelings for Sarah go by drinking, partying, and other girls, Sarah struggles with this guilt and her secret that pushed her to give up the man she loves. There are many surprises along the way and although you get hints and start thinking you know this big dark secret Sarah is hiding, Martin surprises you by throwing in some details that still manages to surprise you.

Together Apart is filled with drama, humor, and romance. Who doesn’t enjoy that combination?!

Happy Reading!


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