Review: Maggie’s Turn

Captivating and insightful! This book was sure hard to put down once you started reading. Sletten did a fantastic job capturing the obstacles both Maggie and Andrew had and bringing it to life for the reader. Maggie is a character that anyone can relate to; the everyday demands of juggling a family and responsibilities can sometimes make us forget who we were at the start of it all. Having becoming distant from both her husband and two kids, leaving seemed to be the only thing she could do before she lost herself completely.

Every story has two sides, and this one does well in following both Andrew’s and Maggie’s as they slowly begin to realize their marriage wasn’t at all what they had imagined it was or thought it would be. There is a smooth transition between both of their story’s which made it much easier to become wrapped up in the book.

Andrew struggles to connect with his two kids, Kaia and Kyle, as he has long ago checked out from his family. He starts slowly begins to realize how much Maggie truly does for him, their family, and their community. Reluctant at first to see he was selfish and wrapped up in his own hopes and dreams, he soon realizes that he may very well loose the love of his life if things didn’t change.

Maggie longing to be the person she was back in college, care-free and full of life, drives off in search of some clarity to find that woman once again. Along the way she meets some interesting characters, each playing a role to bring the full of life Maggie piece by piece. At the end of her journey she is faced with a tough decision to return to her marriage or call it quits.

Its a great book showing how living within the stereotypes of man and wife, a man’s job is to provide and a woman’s is caring for the family and home, doesn’t end up in happiness. It can leave one feeling lost but that you can always break out of those roles and find yourself. Maggie reached her breaking point and changed her life for the better as well as her family’s.

Happy Reading!


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